Things you might actually remember from school

Teachers always want to get the best out of their students and and often, they share these words of wisdom and they can teach you some valuable life lessons as well as Maths and English.

“Make every second we live count and always try our hardest because sometimes in life we aren’t given second chances.”

“My year 6 teacher had everyone on the first day of the year sit quietly and watch a minute go by on the clock.  After that minute passed she told us that minute is gone forever and no matter what we do, we can never it it back”

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“If you have something to say, share it clearly and with everyone.”

My GCSE English teacher used to make us stand up to answer any question or share any opinion. Whether or not she knew it, she imparted the sense that what I have to say matters.

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“If you think you are going to get through your entire education without ever failing, you’re wrong”

This was a hard lesson to learn at the time but it’s set me up for life lessons too.

“It’s perfectly fine not to know the answer to everything.”

My A-Level biology teacher told me once that sometimes we, as humans, just don’t know why or how things happen.

In the real world no one expects you to know the answer off the top of your head…”

But you are expected to find one

man think how to solve the problem

“Never apologise for something that you’ve done your best at. If someone doesn’t accept your best, then that’s their issue”