Successful Entrepreneurs Who Failed

iStock-826438422.jpgThe journey of an entrepreneur is often filled with depressing lows, debt and doubt, but according to Bloomberg, entrepreneurs who fail find more success the second time around. In fact some of the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs failed at least once, if not multiple times, before blazing the trail to success.  Failure can be our best motivator.

Peter Thiel

An early hedge fund he co-founded, Clarium Capital, lost ninety percent of its $7 billion dollars in assets. But failure didn’t stop him. Thiel has gone on to co-found several other startups, including Mithril Capital and Valar Ventures.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates started a business called Traf-O-Data to provide traffic statistics.  Ultimately, the project failed and Gates is one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of circa $92 billion.

Evan Williams

Known for founding the social media giant, Twitter.  Evan Williams first set up a podcast platform known as Odeo.

Thomas Edison

Edison was told that he would never be successful by his teachers.  He went on to invent the light bulb and the gramophone.

Fred Smith

The founder of FedEx presented his business idea to his college professor who told him that his concept was ‘Interesting, but not feasible’

Henry Ford

Ford founded 2 automotive companies that failed before success came with the Ford Motor Company.