Boost Your Sales With These Tips

Dodgy salesman.jpg

Clinching sales deals can be both exhilarating and exhausting, and you sure don’t to be wasting your time by making simple mistakes. Here are some common sales mistakes that can easily be avoided.

1. Pitching Products Without Understanding Customer Needs

Imagine walking into a supermarket and having samples of cheese pushed in front of your nose, or being offered a free test drive of a specific vehicle when you enter a car showroom! You may not like cheese, and you might not be interested in that type or brand of vehicle. So why do the same yourself in business?

2. Failing to Follow Up

Once you have provided a lead with information about your product, it is imperative that you follow this up fairly quickly.

3. Failure to be Proactive

If you fail to take ownership of the lead-generation and follow-up processes, your client may get a negative impression of you.  You must be proactive with communication, but to be so without appearing pushy or rude.

4. Omitting to Publish Lead Capture Forms on Your Site

Your website may often be the first point of contact a potential client has with your business. That potential client will become a lead unless there is a means of contact. Most people prefer to fill in a form as the initial contact than to call you.

5. Talking, not Listening

It’s a common perception that sales is all about pitching the product or service. This is a serious error! First, understand what the client is going to do with your product or service before continuing with the pitch.

A sales pipeline should be very clearly thought out the process. Keep in mind the above errors and don’t repeat them. Think as your lead or potential customer or client is thinking