Actionable Tips on getting ahead in 2018

Two business women working together on wall glassSitting on the sidelines twiddling your thumbs?Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who continually try to improve or expand their enterprisehumbs while competitors make progress could prove to be disastrous for your venture.

Define your goal – Everyone’s situation is different, but have your long term goal in the back of your mind.  Different goals call for different plans.

Train up – Skills shortages are a big problem in UK workplaces.  Failure to address the lack of skills in the UK workforce could cost the country £90bn a year.  The Local Government Association (LGA) says ‘Brexit could make this worrying situation  worse, and urgent action is needed’

Don’t just bank on banks – Research has shown that the majority of small firms go to their high street bank whenever they need new finance, despite the fact many are unhappy with the level of service and the charges that banks impose.  Take a look at  some more ideas here

Get your message across – If you have spent the last year relying on local newspaper adverts or the Yellow Pages, it may be worth widening your options slightly to help boost your business.  Social media is the place to go for advertising wares and invest in a website and blog.

Get supplied – Getting quality, affordable stock is essential in making your business profitable. If you feel that you aren’t getting the best deal from your wholesaler, do something about it. Most are happy to negotiate over prices and good wholesalers reward loyalty by offering money off or extra products to repeat customers.

Check in with your Customers – Your customers are the main focal point of your business.  Every action you take is to help them alleviate a problem.  It is important that you check with them on a regular basis to ensure you are providing the solutions they need.

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