What Everyone Is Saying About Poaching Clients

Increase your market share and new business with these strategies.  You might feel that this is a little unethical but would your competitors feel the same way? Fishes moving between aquariums

  • Outsmart your competition

    Jay Moore, a business consultant, recalls a pizza restaurant placing a large ad in the Yellow Pages. Its competitor then ran a special giving 25 percent off any order if the customer would tear out the competitor’s ad and bring it in

  • Social Media poaching

    Some organizations can be laissez-faire with their client list, especially in social media. One step is to look at the profile of a competitor and see who they are connected to.

  • Do small favours

    A willingness to do small favours for the leaders of companies that you would like as clients, but who are currently doing business with other organizations.  This puts you in a perfect position to be an alternative when leaders are unhappy with their current provider.

  • Romance them

    Most existing customers don’t get as much “love” from their vendors as new ones.  Give customers compelling offers and speak directly to their needs.

  • Show your strengths

    If you are competing on features and price, create a chart on the Web about how your company compares to the biggest competitor. Ravi Dehar at Seatme.com says his company shows potential clients a “cost comparison since we charge a flat rate, while our competitors charge per seated diner.”


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