How can SME’s protect themselves from cybercrime?

Barclaycard finds cybercrime not Brexit the biggest worry for growing firms

Almost half of businesses cite this as a major concern, compared to 34 per cent worrying about the consequences of Brexit, the findings suggest, as companies juggle a string of new budget demands.  Small businesses are an attractive target for cyber criminals. Research suggests that one in five e-commerce websites don’t know who handles their website security, with 50% stating that they are not prepared for an attack and had no recovery plan if one took place.

What can small businesses do to defend against cyber crime?


41% of SME’s have a secure WiFi Router, so the chances are your business will need to password protect your WiFi


Find a robust anti-virus solution, these can be managed from one location and rolled out via licence to other devices.

Staff Training

95% of cyberattacks involve human error at some point, from giving away a password, to leaving doors open.  Some tips here.


Keep computers and devices up to date by installing patches and and updates on a regular basis.

Limit Privileges

Layer admin privileges so staff has access to the information that they need, rather than everything.

Thief or hacker is stealing log in password of social networks account


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