Social Media – it’s huge

There was a time when somegiphy1 thought that social media was a fad and would fade into history with hula hoops and mini-disc players.  Something that ‘the kids’ would use and that business would not really benefit from.  Since then, these doubters have been proved wrong several times over.  Come 2017, we’re all at it.

I set up Twitter and Facebook for Business earlier this year, then this blog and the business blog and our eshot.  It’s been a steep learning curve, involving the purchase of Facebook Business for Dummies and several Skype sessions with the fantastic Penny Haslam who has been giving me ideas on how to tailor our message to the clients we would like to attract (I’ve still not been brave enough to do a vlog, she’s gonna kill me).  I’ve had to manage the expectations of our board, who were expecting instant results from these efforts.  It’s a slow burn but we have gained some new clients from all of this, all of whom have looked to us for financial support for their own growth.

As someone who had not used social media for business before it is a different perspective.  Here’s a couple of things that I learnt:

  • You need to pick your platform, as a primarily B2B provider, Facebook has not had the same success as Twitter and our mailshots for us.  This could be different for other types of business.
  • Hashtags are your best friend.  There’s networking hashtags, locality hashtags, womens hashtags, the list is endless.
  • Be organised with your content, plan it.
  • The main thing that I learnt with this project is that it will come and the rewards do come in when it does.



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