Some things you have to learn on the way


I went to uni and studied German.  I learnt all about German literature, history and culture, spent a year in Zürich teaching English and then came back to Manchester to finish my degree.  I used my German in a variety of roles post university, from car hire to investment bank trading floors, I didn’t learn any business vocabulary at uni (I could read Goethe and Kleist, though) so I had to learn on the fly.

Business is built on relationships

If you want success in business, be it your own business or working for a large corporate, you need to learn the art of forming connections with people.  That’s how opportunities arrive at your door.  That’s how you get to meet the right people and get to the right places.

If people don’t have to pay you, then they won’t

Work does not begin until some sort of payment has been received.

Get a thick skin

If you’re told ‘NO’, it doesn’t mean that it’s over.  It’s a learning experience so you know what not to do next time.

Dress for Success

Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident (or the appearance of), not what other people expect you to wear.

Nobody gets it right 1st time

Sometimes you have to fail 99 times to get that overnight success.


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