Financial Stress?? Worth it???

Businesspeople has a lot of works to do

According to a study by Haines Watts more than half of business owners identified financial worries as a source of stress.

Michael Davidson, regional managing partner at Haines Watts, comments, ‘Our research shows that money is one of the most common reasons why business owners find themselves in a spiral of stress, which can dampen their motivation. Part of this stems from business owners attempting to tackle financial difficulties, such as cash flow problems, growing pains and over-expansion, as they arise rather than planning for them in advance.’

It doesn’t need to be this way.  An invoice finance facility would help you with cashflow planning as the amount received is always a percentage of the invoice and also the headache of credit control is taken away.

Davidson adds, ‘No amount of money is worth the cost of being pushed to breaking point, and yet business owners often don’t know where to turn for help’

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