Customers, who needs ’em?

giphyIn today’s world where all consumers have a voice, good customer service has never been such a valuable commodity.

Customer service that’s anything less than ship-shape can seriously dent your reputation and likelihood of customer loyalty.

Regardless of your customer type – whether you reign the retail world or juggle corporate clients in a B2B environment –you’ll want to learn the below mantras off by heart.

1. Always follow up

Checking back in with customers isn’t just good manners. It gives you another opportunity to build the relationship.

2. Listen

There’s nothing like talking to a business that really listens. Take time to understand issues and how they affect the customer. When people know you value their needs, they’re more likely to stay with your business.

3. It’s good to talk

Accept that you will not always have a perfect grasp of every issue coming into your business. Keep up with the big picture by maintaining open lines of communication with your team.

4. Be honest

A customer should always receive an honest answer. When you maintain an open dialogue and keep your customer informed at all times, you’ll earn their commitment to you.

5. Ask questions

The more you know, the more likely you are to resolve an issue to the customer’s satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions to get all the information you need to recommend alternate solutions and advocate for the customer

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